Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Painted Alive

Note: This post contains pictures that some might find offensive and/or may not be safe for work.

I got this email of a tiger picture which I found very interesting. After doing some research, I found that this painting was created by American artist Craig Tracy to raise awareness for Save China's Tigers campaign. The American is a body painter whose works provide amazing eye deceiving displays. When I first saw the tiger picture for example, I thought it was a normal painting on a canvas. But as the process of the painting is revealed, the image of this extraordinary wild animal slowly reveals itself as three women.

Check out this video to see the three models get transformed into a Chinese Tiger.

Another interesting piece I found in Tracy's gallery is called Immaculate. A painting involving a married couple with the theme that "some unions are set in stone." The main display, the married couple, disappear within the background which is also the foreground.

Save China's Tigers Campaign Painting

Painting process