Thursday, 4 October 2007

Mimetic House

Project: Private House
Location: Dromahair, Ireland
Architect: Dominic Stevens
Completed: 2007

Sitting in the middle of a richly textured, marshy field, just outside the town of Dromahair, this house in fact literally evolved from the ground up. It has two parts: a cast-concrete, part-buried series of sleeping, working and washing chambers below ground, and a glass-clad, open-plan living space on top. The glass room is a pavilion in the round, and a loose, informal rockroad brings you to the house and down into the landscape, the grass allowed to grow up to, around and under the house itself. The glass room tilts out and up in varying ways, so the ground but not the sky is reflected. In some lights and locations, the form disappears. The house dissolves and recedes back into the landscape, in a dynamic and delicate way, shifting minute by minute, depending on the light, the rain, the time of day. You can see right through the house, the landscape uninterrupted by its presence. The tilted, planted roof is even happily growing a little wild in places.

More info here and here

An Archi-Tete

I have been looking for this book for 3 years now... since I couldn't find any new or used book... I decided to simply borrow it from the library and scan every single page of it... and here I am sharing the archi-tete of my favorite architect/starchitect... Jean Nouvel. The archi-tete has him as a panel from the mashrabiya screen of the Insitut du Monde Arabe with a variety of facial expressions.