Monday, 19 May 2008


The widespread of recycled architecture have resulted in many interesting buildings. One of these buildings is the Freitag's office tower in Zurich. The beauty of this skyscraper is that unlike other container architecture that are modified and painted thus hiding their true nature, this skyscraper embraces the weariness and dirtiness of the container giving it more character and authenticity.

Sunday, 4 May 2008


Here is the amazing botanical garden in Medellin, Colombia that was renovated by Plan B Architects. Its a wooden mesh work of modular “flower-tree” structures that weaves its way through the garden’s heart.

The theme is to allow the structure to grow in the same way that a garden seeds and develops. This lead them to design the installation as a series of interconnected modular structures (14 in all) specialized for a variety of functions including event halls, butterfly reserves, and flower gardens. This repetitious cellular weave fittingly resonates the organic structure of a honeycomb.

More info here and here