Thursday, 28 June 2007

Wembley Stadium

It was the most boring match I saw in my life... the first FA cup final that took place at the new renovated Wembley Stadium. It was a match between the best team in the world, Manchester United, and the most boring team in the universe, Chelsea. And what do you know... the boring team managed to kill the game and steal a late goal in extra time... well good for them.

The stadium looks amazing though with its retractable ceiling and all the other accessories. Although I've heard from friends who went to the stadium that approaching the stadium at a high profile match like this was like judgement day... the streets were too narrow to take in all the spectators... the underground station was too crowded... cars were not moving at all... It sort of reminded me of all the sort of thing we expect from Bahrain with all the new developments going on yet the roads, sewerage system and the infrastructure are as old as my grandma... I guess the Saudi old saying fits here: Ma induhum ma ind jaddity (They havn't got what my grandma have).

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