Sunday, 3 June 2007

Funky apartments


Yep that's true... These are apartments... not the latest ride of Disney World. AND guess who is the target market for those apartments?????? Old people aged 50 and above!!!!!

The Reversible-Destiny Lofts designed by Arakawa and Gins are aimed to create a simulating environment that keep the occupants alert and aware as they grow old. Most people want comfortable and relaxing apartments especially old people. The idea of the design is to change the attitude of people who want to grow old peacefully... it encourages a new lifestyle by creating the most discomforting living space that "invigorates their life" and keeps them alive and lively. I wonder if it could be a new option for people with mid-life crises??

I guess it might be nice idea for a family with kids to live there... I know I would have loved to grow up in an apartment like that instead of our boring house.

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