Friday, 1 June 2007

An Incident In Al Amiriya

The "Incident" was the destruction of Al Amiriya bomb shelter in Iraq during the Gulf War by the US Air Forces who "thought" it was a military command base, killing more than 400 civilians.

Now if you bring the best directors of Hollywood, Bollywood, or anywhere in the world... no movie will depict this tragedy better than Naseer Shamma who composed this masterpiece. I really believe that by closing my eyes and listening to this piece, I can see an Oscar winning movie in my head.

It starts with light tones... suggesting children playing having fun... people socializing, having a drink a laugh,trying to forget about the war that is going on... very playful, cheerful, and joyful music... It gains momentum... gets faster... hinting that some tension arises as people start to sense that something really bad is going to happen...

And then you hear them... the sirens alarming everyone to go the shelter... total chaos... women running after their children... old men young men everybody running towards the shelter...

Then you hear the sounds of those fighters roaring in the sky... then you see those missiles approaching fast and BOOOOM.... One after the other... The shelter being bombarded by those fighters...

Then it slows down... you hear broken tones... off tones... and then you hear what sounds like a prayer calling ((not sure if its appropriate but nevertheless its very beautiful))... and it slowly transfers into this depressing and gloomy mood suggesting that people just found out that there is a tragedy before their eyes... innocent children, women, men all killed.

Then all of a sudden the mood swings again into being patriotic and nationalistic suggesting that like every great nation... people are devoted to stand right up after they have been brought down to their knees.

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