Monday, 4 June 2007

Sketching like a kid

Drawing: Sydney City
Media: Ball point pen on 300gsm cold pressed paper 42x29cm

I've been obsessing lately about sketching those sort of cityscapes... There is just something I find extremely charming in taking buildings that require 100s of different specialized people and 100s of millions of dollars or dinars or derhams whatever your currency is, and simplifying them to a sketch that would seem like a kid have done... I believe that in doing so I tend to capture the most dominant features in a building and loose the distractions that take away the main concepts of a building... Another reason is that I believe that those sorts of sketches are what thoughts and ideas should look like... I find greater joy in doing these sort of things rather than working on perfectly rendered scenes... There is just more soul in a spontaneous 5 or 10 minutes sketch than a 1 week rendered image.

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