Saturday, 30 June 2007

Make Architects

Here are some of Make Architects designs that I really like...

Project: The Cube
Where & When: Birmingham, UK. 2005
Description: Mixed use development that will accommodate shops, bars, cafes, offices, apartments and a hotel. A public space is in the middle of the development providing a lightwell that will improve the spacial qualities of the building.

Project: Sherwood Forest
Where & When: Nottinghamshire, UK. 2007
Description: A visitor center in the form of an iconic structure. The shape is influenced by the trees of the forest. It has a restaurant and a viewing platform providing great views of the forest. The building is aimed to achieve a zero carbon footprint by careful selection of materials and by producing its own energy through wind power, rain water collection and recycling systems.

Project: Stellar Tower
Where & When: Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Description: Still in its design stage... the building is another attempt at a low carbon building in the UAE. It will incorporate rainwater collection, sea water cooling systems, wind turbines on the roof and PV cells on top of the lower canopy. It is estimated that half of the energy required will be provided by those systems.

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