Friday, 31 October 2008


Here is my new favorite book, which made me immediately go and buy a dozen of calligraphy for dummies-like books to learn the fundamentals of this amazing art of calligraphy. The book talks mainly about the subject that I once touched upon in the last post of my calligraphy series.

Published by Gestalten and edited by Ben Wittner and Sascha Thoma of eps51 and Nicolas Bourquin of onlab, the book contains excellent examples of the "globalization of graphic design" which allowed for merging different cultures into a new graphic blend. Besides the wonderful pictures that you can look at for hours before going to bed, there is this impressive font that you get for free if you buy the book. The new font is called Talib OldStyle, an English type that is based on Arabic alphabetical visual characteristics. The font belongs to the Talib Type group of fonts developed by eps51. Here are few examples for you viewing pleasure.

Check this out for an interesting interview with the people behind the book.

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