Sunday, 26 October 2008

Wanted... Red tiles on a glass facade !?!

Found this amazing photo while browsing flickr and tried to look up the building for ages without any luck at all. Someone said in the comments that it might be a "Bank in Aviguda Diagonal in Barcelona" but that doesn't lead to anything. Does anyone out there know what’s the name of this cool building?


Ali Lari said...

Ok... so I did a little more research because I was interested myself (especially as I spent last summer in Barcelona studying architecture).

Go down to March 15 (Artistic Office Building- Carrer Londres 106 - Barcelona):

Bash Mohandis said...

Many thanks bro that was really annoying me for more than a week now... any idea who is the artist or architect behind it??

Btw summer in Barcelona studying architecture?? Thats my dream man, one day I'll follow your footsteps.

Ali Lari said...

Yes, our university, Georgia Tech, has a summer in Barcelona program. I'll ask my professor about it and I'll let you know... By the way, I still don't know who you are. I'm coming back to Bahrain this winter, so I better know by then :D

Bash Mohandis said...

Well unfortunately I won't be back in Bahrain until the summer. So we'll have to postpone our meeting for 6 more months.