Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Formula Zero

The LA Auto Show's Design Challege this year have witnessed some amazing entries from Audi, BMW, Mazda, Toyota, as well as other manufacturers. But Mercedes have came up with this amazing concept that could be the begining of a really interesting sporting event, which they call Formula Zero.

The main goal is not simply to finish first as in most other motorsports, but with how energy efficient the winner is. Each team would be allocated the same amount of stored energy and it is left to the teams and drivers to manage the variables to win the race. The winner, therefore, is determined by total elapsed time combined with the energy efficiency factor.

The Formula Zero Racer is loaded with technology designed to extract the maximum thrust from the electric hub motors, aero-efficient solar skin and high-tech rigid sail... Incorporating luxury racing with the thrill of Formula One, the track dynamics of the bobsled or luge, and the grace and efficiency of yacht racing.

More info here and here.

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