Sunday, 3 August 2008

The Graphics of Calligraphy (4/4)

Integrating calligraphy with graphic design

Smoking awareness poster by Tahamtan Aminian, an Iranian graphic designer.

Although calligraphy may be a form of graphic design, the relationship between the two disciplines is being pushed to test new possibilities. This relationship is not merely limited to the creative execution of paragraphs, quotes and/or words as to impress an audience... calligraphy here is used as a design method which drives the artist in visualizing a concept as well as a design element that is fundamental in communicating an idea. Here you find Islamic calligraphy being used as an integral part for marketable representation in commercial and cultural industries.

This new integration of Islamic calligraphy into the graphic design of posters, book covers, brochures, logos and advertisements marks yet a new development phase of calligraphy in the Islamic world. As the art of Islamic calligraphy began with the Qur'an and literary works, moved on to figural representation, and arrive at the modern artistic movements, it is now beginning a new journey in the commercial world; a new trend that may have developed from Iran.

[The] brilliant calligraphic background in Iranian arts enabled the New Generation of Iranian graphic designers to present a new and different typographical attitude to the world. Typography is a website showcasing Iranian graphic designers dedicated to introducing this new style of calligraphy to the western world. Artists around the Arab world are beginning to experiment with this emerging style too, which can be seen in collaboration efforts between Iranian and Arab artists in websites like khatt.

Perhaps the best examples I've seen so far in this field are the posters of Mehdi Saeedi, an award winning designer. Here are few examples:

Posters for Islamic Design Exhibitions

Posters for Musical Festivals.

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