Thursday, 1 October 2009

Its another world in there!

Well no matter how many people have said it before, you will never really understand that there is a completely different planet under the water surface until you explore that wonderful planet. I guess the thing I really enjoyed is this special bond that forms between us, the visitors, and those curious welcoming creatures in all of their forms. That and the sensation of breathing underwater, seeing colorful organisms like never before, and so many other things made me find in diving what I couldn’t find in any art or sport. Well, I just got my PADI Open Water diving license and didn't get to go to any exotic places yet. I only managed to dive here in Bahrain where the visibility is a little more that 2 meters. I saw a little jellyfish, a turtle, baby sharks (Nowa'eer as we call them in Bahrain and some say ther are baby sharks) and few other fishes that I recognized from Finding Nemo. But I still had an unforgettable experience. I can't wait until I get some real diving fun!

Here are some pictures from flickr, I thank all divers out there who shared their photos with the rest of the world.

Brain corals. Obviously called that because of their texture and spherical shape. If only buildings were built with materials as fun as that.

Moon jellyfish. They are often thought of as scary poisonous eewy geewy creatures that are associated with peeing, but they can be really beautiful too.

Curiosity is one of the traits I find really attractive about those little fish, which we found some in Bahrain. I don't know about curious sharks though.

I definitely don't want to be in a position to take a photo like that ever. Ever! However, sharks are not as scary as the media made us believe. As my instructor told me before I began the course, there are more deaths caused by toaster electrocution per year than there are shark attacks!

Caves and underwater forests are few example of the breathtaking landscape you will encounter.