Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Project: Walter Towers
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Architect: BIG

As a person very fond of calligraphy and graphic design generally, I was really thrilled when I stumbled upon this building. The "W" may stand for the name of the tower, but according to this blog post here, the Danish architects leaves the interpretation of the letter to us, which I find very amusing. Does it stand for wow just like the luxurious W Hotels? Does it stand for weird? Wonderful?

Nevertheless, as beautiful as the graphics of the letter "W" may appear on that building, there are technical reasons backing up the shape of the building. The cut on ground level allows pedestrians to cross the site, an important factor since the first four floors are for commercial use. The cuts in the top levels, which are residential in use, allow for air and views. With 27 floors the ‘W’ should reach a height of 80 meters. I couldn't find when is this building going to be completed or if even they started its construction, but this is one building I'd like to visit when it's done.


Anonymous said...

what i would like to ask is: how are the people going to get to the top flours?(sorry that my english isn't good)thanks

Bash Mohandis said...

I have no idea how the interior circulation works, but persnoally, I prefer it if we stayed out of the building to appreciate the graphical beauty of the letter "W" in 3D rather than staying at the top viewing the city.

mashrabiyamyjourney said...

my best guess is may be they have kind of split lift shaft where at certain level you have to exit the elevator and take separate elevator with separate shaft.