Wednesday, 10 September 2008


As I was browsing the 2008 Monaco Yacht Show Top 10 Concepts, I came across this striking project by BMT Nigel Gee called Véloce, a 130-meter pentamaran concept developed for high speed application and aimed at the large yacht market. Unlike the 40-m Signature Series by Norman Foster, the appeal of this concept to me is that it maintains its maritime characteristics albeit with an unconventional approach.

In an interview in Super Yacht World magazine, Foster said, "I wanted people to go WOW when they see this yacht, not just acknowledge it as something pretty." However, my reaction to the design was not a "wow", it may have been something more like a "hmmm". I mean it is unique but the design with its balconies, staircases, grills across the entire side walls, the arch form of the boat is very building-like, and perhaps it looks like it longs to be part of the land rather than the sea. The Véloce on the other hand simply look much more comfortable in the middle of the ocean than parked in the marina. Something that yacht enthusiasts, I imagine, would appreciate more.

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