Thursday, 4 September 2008

Lilypad City

Series showing the phases of the city's construction

It seems that Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut shares my love for Kevin Costner's Waterwold, as evident in his design for Lilypad City. The city is designed for the year 2100 or so, and would accommodate up to 50,000 ecological refugees, who are called "Atoll dwellers" in the movie, after the polar ice caps melt and flood the whole planet.

The floating structure is inspired by giant lily pads, hence the name. The city takes up the challenge of reaching a positive energetic balance with zero carbon emission. This is achieved by the integration of all the renewable energies; solar, thermal and photovoltaic energies, wind energy, hydraulic, tidal power station...

The heart of the city will be a central lagoon of soft water collecting and rain water purifying. Around it will be located three marinas and three mountains dedicated to the work, the shops, and the entertainments. Each "mountain" will be covered by planted housing in suspended gardens crossed by a network of streets with organic outline, creating a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

Fish-eye view of the city

Lilypads along the coast of Monaco

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