Monday, 14 January 2008

The Kaaba

Found some good background information and diagrams about Kaaba, even I as a Muslim didn't know all these things so I thought I should share it.

-The Kaaba is the holiest place for Muslims, its the qibla "direction" where Muslims face while praying and where Islamic rituals like pilgrimage take place.

-Its called "Al-Kaaba Al-Mosharafa" meaning "The dignified Kaaba", "Al-Bait Al-Haram" meaning "The holy house", and "Al-Bait Al-Ateeq" meaning "The primordial house".

-The name "Kaaba" is derived from "moka'ab" which is the arabic word for "cube".

-Kaaba is a cubic masonry structure built from granite that is brought from the hills near Mecca.

-The structure is supported by 3 columns that run in the center.

-A marble base called "Shaazarwaan" extends outwards by about a foot and a half.

-The dimensions of the Kaaba from the tip of the Shaazarwaan is roughly 11.5m by 13m.

-The four corners of the Kaaba roughly directs towards the four points of the compass.

-The Kaaba is covered by a "kiswah" which is a black silk curtain decorated with gold calligraphy.

-The Kaaba have been damaged and reconstructed several times, but the shape remained the same.

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