Thursday, 24 January 2008

Hugo Boss

Project: Hugo Boss Industries building
Architect: Matteo Thun & Partners
Location: Coldrerio, Switzerland
Year Completed: 2006

There are 300 lucky people working in the new Hugo Boss Industries building in Coldererio. Not only do they enjoy freebies from one of the top designers, but they get to experience working in this award winning building as well.

The inner core of the building is made of glass, steel and concrete, composed in prefabricated elements. From the inner core emerges a suspended, enveloping structure made of planks of larch wood woven like a "fabric" or a "basket" as a metaphor for a clothes brand. An open plan office space and gallery surrounds a full height atrium which marks the focal point of the building. This sequence is intended to be a climate and comfort control device starting from the exterior woven wood, which acts like a filter against sunlight, to the internal soundproofing and lighting/natural ventilation systems.

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