Tuesday, 3 July 2007

A Portrait

I stumbled upon this interesting portrait series of the Luney Toons and for some reason I couldn't stop thinking about how powerful caricatures could be...

When I see this portrait I don't see a cartoon character... I see a charming, intelligent, and most importantly confident rabbit that I really admire... I wish I could be that confident... the look at his eye... his arrogant smile... his posture...

Guess how much does this portrait cost???????? $995!!!!! It's a limited edition which is out of stock now and was created by the animator Harry Sabin and background artist Alan Bodner. Each print is on a framed 27 X 20.5 canvas and is hand signed by the artists.

Other powerful cartoons and caricatures that come to my mind are those found in the notorious MAD magazine... especially what I consider the most famous face in the world... and that's Alfred E. Neuman face. No one can forget the caricatures depicting our Prophet Mohammad(SAW) in that Danish newspaper and all the controversy and riots it created... a great example of how powerful caricatures can be.

But the cartoon that make every adult turn into a 4 years old kid no matter how old you are has got to be the best cartoon ever.... Tom & Jerry...I remember watching it with my dad when I was a kid and he would be cracking up more than I did... hell we still laugh at it today until our stomach hurt as if we never saw it before.

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