Tuesday, 17 July 2007

My teacher

Hmmmmmmmm... now this brings back memories... this is one of my Ode teachers... man was I surprised to see him in youtube... I looked around for videos for my other teachers but I guess they don't come from an Internet-enthusiastic generation... my first teacher was Bahraini and he is the one who got me to love this wonderful instrument... then I trained under one of the best Iraqi Ode players and perhaps one of the pioneers of the Iraqi musical school, however he was a bit old and very serious... Sa'ad Mahmood Jawad is the last teacher who combined both the skills of an Iraqi professional musician and the character of a young fun teacher... very good combination.

I knew that I was privileged enough to be trained by the best teachers... but I never really knew how big they were since I was a child... but now knowing that my teacher has his own website adds a nice flavor to it.

"Now I don't want to brag or anything" but I used to play this piece "leita le janah" which translates to "I wish I have a wing"... not as fast as him though... however after 5 years without touching the Ode for more than 5 minutes... its kind of impossible to play it with rusty stiff fingers. Check out other youtube videos of him

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