Sunday, 8 July 2007

Again... Bahrain 2030??

I found this map of Bahrain and had a lot of thoughts about it... some say it was a proposed reclamation map of Bahrain submitted as a document to the International Court of Justice for the Bahrain/Qatar dispute... others say its part of SOM's planning development strategy...

Either way... I find it scary considering that the country is thinking about doubling its size within the next 20 years.... at the moment most urban development is allocated at the north of the main island... most of the southern part, lower parts of the east and west coasts and the lower middle lands are privately owned, military bases or just an undeveloped desert.

There are a lot of disputes about the ownerships of those lands... some say lots of those coasts at the lower part of the island should be public... some say they were unfairly distributed... others say they were taken by force... anyway those are political issues that I don't know a lot about. But in an imaginary, ideal, optimistic, perfect world people will think about the country's needs and not only their pocket's needs... and from that point of view I would think that developing the whole mainland equally instead of concentrating the whole population on the northern parts is a more sustainable thing to do... plus it would be more environmentally friendly than reclaiming land and destroying the marine life for new development... As far as military bases go... those could be set in one of far island isolating it from civilian life.

Plus I think its important to develop islands like Hawar islands and Um Al-Na'asan (which again people say a lot of things about their ownerships)... but of course before any planning there should be deep and lengthy studies and surveys about the site and the wild life in it and what needs preserving and what needs to stay clear of development for wild life protection and so on...

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Anonymous said...

This will never happen.

There is a proposed map of what Bahrain is supposed to look like by 2030:

A few miles of reclamation in the northern shores only. International regulations and water border boundaries with neighbors Qatar and Saudi Arabia would never allow Bahrain to reclaim land in the manner your above picture shows.