Monday, 21 July 2008

Tate 2

Early design proposal for London's Tate Museum

Revised design proposal

When I first saw the images of the proposed extension for the Tate museum in London by Herzog & de Meuron, like many others I was not convinced, which seems to be the main reaction of many people as well, based on most of the articles I've read about it. However, the proposal was granted planning permission with conditions and the main one is to change the facade material.

The revised proposal in my opinion is way better than the first and looks very intriguing. The new brick extension design fits the area more appropriately than the earlier glazed design; it maintains its twisted shape and got rid of the cantilevering boxes that distort the twist. This twist, in my opinion, is the attracting point of the design since the existing Tate museum is a long rectangular building that needs a new twist to revitalize the area, which the architects took literary.

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