Tuesday, 15 July 2008


As I was browsing my picture library I found this incredible photo. It’s either an old traditional Yemeni castle or a tower house. Either way, what attracts me to the picture is how it captures the beauty of traditional Yemeni architecture and life. Openings are very limited in traditional Yemeni buildings for climatic and social reasons. Yet wherever they occur there is a great amount of beauty that can be found, whether in the careful and detailed design of a window or the artistic decorations of a door. In this picture the opening is literary an opening, a gap between those magnificent stones that are animated by their different color, texture and size. Yet the human interaction is enough to fill this simple and empty gap with life and captures the attention and admiration of any person passing by.

Note: I think I found the photo in flickr.


Ali Lari said...

Salaam Bash Mohandis,

I was browsing through the internet for some pictures of Cesar Pelli's Landmark in Abu Dhabi and came across your blog.

Fantastic blog! Keep up the good work brother... I'm an architecture student myself. Get in touch with me. I'd like to get to know you more...



Bash Mohandis said...

Hala ali

Hayyak allah... thanx for the kind words hopefully we'll get together sometime if you are in Bahrain.