Saturday, 22 March 2008


Ladder is a wood sculpture by David Nash realised at 1989. What really attracted me is how the form of the ladder resemble a living creature with arms and legs that seem to be in motion, bringing back life into what used to be a living being. It kind of looks like those giant talking trees in Lord of the Rings.

"In his environmental art, David Nash from Wales has concentrated on wood and makes use of existing natural features. He has created works with the theme ladder all over the world, in Japan, England, Ireland, as well as Karhusaari, Espoo. The sensation of ascending and descending expressed by the verticality, the transition from one space to another, are recurring themes in Nash’s art. For him, a growing tree, as well as a ladder, are like the Biblical Jacob’s ladder; they embody the connection between heaven and earth."

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Robyn said...

I love this sculpture and funnily enough I also thought of Lord of the Rings the first time I saw photographs of it. It reminds me of the Dogon ladders from Mali....simply because you can still see evidence of tree.