Sunday, 27 December 2015

"Socrates Office"

"Socrates Office" is what my father likes to call his study. He lives often in his own fantasy world, where he hangs out with Socrates and Nietzsche, surrounded by mountains of books and papers, either editing books, reviewing dissertations, or writing whatever it is he is writing. Age has not been kind to him, affecting his sight, legs, heart, digestive system, eating habits, and sleeping patterns. Yet, may God bless him with strength and good health, his passion to work never dwindled. Now he has to resort to his magnifier for every little task, which often irritates him, as you can see from his pose trying to comprehend a "whatsapp" message.

A friend of my father once quoted Al-Mutannabi in an article about him, which I will not do justice by translating. Here is the verse for Arabic readers only:
وإذا كانَتِ النّفُوسُ كِباراً ... تَعِبَتْ في مُرادِها الأجْسامُ

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