Sunday, 16 May 2010

World Cup

FIFA World Cup Trophy.

It hasn't been the best of times in my life lately, with too many distractions keeping me away from taking care of this blog. But as the most watched and anticipated sporting event is knocking on our doors, I felt like I had to say something about it. Well, at least from an artistic point of view.

The world cup trophy is perhaps the most beautiful sports award I have ever seen. Perhaps even the most beautiful award at all. Maybe even the most amazing sculptural piece ever made. Unlike its predecessor, also known as the Jules Rimet Trophy, the FIFA World Cup Trophy have really stood the test of time in terms of its aesthetics, and perhaps even contributed in increasing the popularity and possibly even the status of the World Cup as the ultimate sporting event across the world. Being a sports fan generally and football particularly, nothing have ever captured me as much as the beauty of this trophy.

This significant sculptural piece was designed by Silvio Gazzaniga, who hails -as one might predict- from a nation with a strong passion to the arts, football, fashion, and even though its irrelevant, food. The Italian sculptor from Milan designed the concept and collaborated with a Milanese trophy and medal manufacturer, GDE Bertoni, in its production and are still in charge of its maintenance in behalf of FIFA. The company's other notable trophies include the UEFA champions league, UEFA cup, UEFA super cup as well as many other trophies, perhaps most notable for its beauty is the new Arabian Gulf Cup.

Where the older trophy was a representation of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, this trophy represents the "joy and greatness of the athlete in the moment of triumph". According to the artist, the shapes of two athletes are reproduced through lines that rise spirally from the base to open on top to contain the world, outlined in an amazing dynamic tension of the body of the sculpture, which symbolizes the athletes effort and exertion while expressing harmony, simplicity and peace.

The trophy at 1974 when it was first awarded.

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