Thursday, 6 November 2008

The pink and blue project

According to a recent study by scientists at Newcastle University, the difference in colour preferences between men and women has biological and not cultural roots. It goes back to ancient times when women were primarily involved in gathering fruit and vegetables, while men were involved in hunting. Fruits and vegetables are edible when they are ripe, and this often means when they are bright hued, generally red or green. Blue, on the other hand, is a direct reference to blue sky, the sign of good weather and therefore auspicious for gathering food and water. The information collected by researchers shows that males prefer colours in the blue-yellow range, while females instinctively go to the red-green hues, and especially pink.
“The Pink and Blue Project” is achieved by JeongMee Yoon on a different context yet could very well be a visual guide to the research. Children are photographed in their rooms, surrounded by their clothes, toys and accessories with their faces lost in a maniacally orderly multiplicity of objects.

Text and pics from Zoom magazine.

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jaleló said...

Very interesting; something I guess we all intuitively knew.