Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Old Crafts Revival

A "mashrabiya", "mauchrabeya", "moucharabieh" or however you want to spell it is not only a special characteristic of Arabic architecture, but a testament to the skill and brilliance of the Arab craftsmen in woodworking. On the other hand, weaving is a textile art that is considered an essential part of many cultures extending from Turkey to China, which is evident in the numerous forms and styles of oriental rugs. So it doesn't surprise me when those two magnificent crafts combine together to produce amazing artistic displays.

Arzu Firuz is a freelance designer born in Istanbul and working in France. Influenced by oriental artisanship, she brings us a blend of historical and traditional references with modern elements and materials. Examples of her products are the above Canvas Moucharabieh and Wooden Rugs, a modern interplay with materials and functions of different traditional elements.

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