Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Project Description: Show & sales room of Qinadai International Mansion
Architect: AZL-Atelier Zhanglei
Location: Qingpu, Shanghai

Located right at the crossing of two streets, the show room with only 150 square meters is the sales office for the development project under construction on the same spot. This tiny project consists of five rooms. Three rooms are made with glass blocks, one with stone and one is made of wood. Functionally the three glass block rooms are the sales office, while the stone box is for exhibiting the model and the wood box contains the restroom. On the other hand these three materials are used for the facade of the tower buildings. The separation between the sales office and the pedestrians is also made with a wall of glass blocks, while the bamboo batons on the outside create the transparent boundary of the building, seen as the edge to the curved profile of the street.

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