Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Most famous logos

I was arguing with a friend the other day about what were the most famous logos, she came up with this ridiculous list of top 10 which she said she read about them in The Times or some other newspaper or website... and knowing my friend and how she would always make up resources inside her head I came up with my own list and my own undisclosed resources. We argued for a long time and after ending the argument and going home, I decided to find out for real what are the most recognizable logos. Unfortunately I couldn't find any official list all what I found were individual lists with no apparent survey or study. However what I found common in all the lists is the there are 2 companies that were always in the top 5. And they are:

Of course no explanations are needed here and I am sure these immediately came to your minds when reading the title. I would appreciate it though if someone out there could lead me to a site with an official surveyed list of the most recognizable logos.

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