Thursday, 22 November 2007

Saddest Cubicle Context

I received this funny email of the Saddest Cubicle Contest, and did I feel bad for those who worked there. I mean everything that could go wrong in an office space is wrong... bad lighting, nasty ventilation, lousy decoration and the list goes on. Here are few winner cubicles:

Check out this poor guy's desk... hidden behind filing cabinets with no windows and proper lighting.

I just love it when I see people used overturned boxes as cabinets or even better as tables... I know few friends who have done that... very efficient and Eco-friendly though.

Another great example of recycling... I love the effect the Persian carpet has on the desk space... its sort of defines a territory.

Containers can be a source for great architecture if designed properly... however this is not an example of such architecture.

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