Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Close Call

"Scrambling to save her from a 60-foot (20 meters) fall during horseplay, Legadema's mother wrestled the cub back onto a branch—a tricky maneuver for an animal equipped only with teeth, claws, and determination."

Photograph by Beverly Jouber... Article called "Lessons of the Hunt" by Dereck Joubert from National Geographic.

A captivating picture... Look at the helpless cub named "Legadema"... Look at how her feet are stretched wide open... you don't need to see her eyes or anything else to capture the terror that the cub is feeling... Now look at the mother... look how she's gently pulling the cub making sure that she doesn't hurt her with her claws yet pressing hard with her teeth to make sure not to let her go... I mean a mother may be harsh on her kids... but after all its for their own good!!!

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